What kinds of items do you fix?

Many daily things and mainly clothing at Repair Cafe

When did you first start volunteering with Repair Café Toronto?

January 2017

Day Job

Apparel Graphic Designer

Favourite location


“I impatiently wait to join and fix things at Repair Cafe every month. It is wonderful to solve a problem on every piece I fix either teach how to make it. Exchanging my skills with the reward of happy faces is invaluable.”

Why did you start to becoming interested in repairing things?

Since my childhood, as both my parents were quite resourceful in many ways.

How did you learn your skills?

I learned almost all my sewing and crafting skills from my mom. She was a great tailor.

What does it mean to you to volunteer at the Repair Café?

It is pleasant to be there, so it is kind of a therap. It is also is a great place to socialize with same minded people who stand against wasting

What is the most memorable (or fun, or challenging) item you have fixed?

All items are fun to fix for me.

Why should people get involved with the Repair Café?

As I said before it is a great place to socialize with similar minded people and to help people. I also like the idea of regaining broken items instead of just throwing them away, supporting the economy and helping to sustain the ecosystem is wonderful. Whoever has any skills or enthusiasm for the values mentioned, should join us.

Where do you see Repair Café Toronto in 5 years?

I believe it will spread more and benefit more people in the future.