Repair Café TO Videos

These videos were filmed at past Repair Cafés at various locations. Watch and listen to visitors speak of their experience. Meet fixers who share their insights and advice about repair work, and talk about their favourite tools.

April 2020

Mask Making Challenge by Jung-Hee Ban and Jane Bae

Mask Making from Global Class on Vimeo.

December 2019

The Repair Café Vibe by Lon Appleby

The Repair Cafe Vibe from RCT on Vimeo.

Elizabeth’s Singing “Make it Mend it” by Fern Mosoff

January 2019

Visit Repair Café in 47 seconds by Jason Timermanis

Visit Repair Cafe in 47 seconds from RCT on Vimeo.

October 2018

FIXED! the documentary about Repair Café Toronto by Cat Mills

Watch online at here:

FIXED! the film trailer by Cat Mills

April 2018

Repair Café Trailer gets Funky! by Planet Mind


April 2018

Inside a Repair Café by Planet Mind


April 2018

A Day in the Life of a Repair Café by Planet Mind


September 2017

Going for the Distance


February 2017

The Bracelet Story


Family Volunteers


November 2016

Volunteer, Robert, on Repair Café growth


October 2016

Vancouver troubleshoots Toronto Coffee Maker

Video by The Global Class


September 2016

I got it!


August 2016



July 2016

Young visitors Ishi and Nancy (French speaking) talks about Repair Café

Video by Lon Appleby

June 2016

Visitors become Fixers

Video by Lon Appleby

March 2016

The kaput piece

Video by Lon Appleby

February 2016

The Fixer Andy binds an Atlas

Video by Emily Jasper


The spirit of Repair Café

Video by Cat Mills

November 2015

Michael’s favourite repair tool

Video by Lon Appleby

October 2015

Bennett gave advice to a visitor for repairing a pin

Video by Lon Appleby

August 2015

Pauline talks about her favourite tool – snippers

Video by Lon Appleby

Aaron talks about his favourite repair tool – No. 2 Phillips Screwdriver with a long shaft

Video by Lon Appleby

July 2015

Tom introduces his repair tools and the bell

Video by Lon Appleby

June 2015

The Vacuum Cleaner with Ed and Bill

Video by Lon Appleby

May 2015

Visitor Gloria Talks about the Fixers

Video by Lon Appleby

April 2015

Fixers Andy and Faith re-bind an Atlas

Video by Lon Appleby

March 2015

Fixer Ryan helps Sarah fix her blinds

Video by Lon Appleby

February 2015

Repair Café Collaboration in Acton at HackLab

Video by Lon Appleby

January 2015

Visitor Lecia and Her Microwave Oven

Video by Lon Appleby

June 2014

3D Brett and Paul

Video by Lon Appleby

May 2014

Darning and Learning

Video by Lon Appleby

Repair Café Fixer Mase Gives Advice

Video by Lon Appleby

March 2014

Visitor Simon explains how his backgammon board was fixed

Video by Lon Appleby

Special Occasion

The video below was created to mark the first year anniversary of Repair Café Toronto.

Video by Benjamin F. Singer
Music by Four Tet – She Just Likes to Fight