4 hours,158 items, bring it on…

At the Repair Café, we take pride in the ability of our volunteers to handle different repair challenges. We are not just a community event. We also get a lot of things fixed, and people walk away learning something they never knew before.

January’s Repair Café at STEAMLabs was a terrific success. Thank you everyone for demonstrating once again what awesome volunteers we have. Another record was set. In four hours, we dealt with 158 items, and that’s not including the dozens of muffins, cookies and coffees.

The next full Repair Café is just around the corner. We are returning to Central Neighbourhood House on Saturday February 27. Here is a video that was done the last event there that captures why the Repair Café continues to resonate with whichever part of the city we are invited to. Thank you, Cat, Francesca, and the rest of the crew for the video! For details about the upcoming event, click here.

See you there!