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Repair Café Toronto has put together the following resources. We hope you will find them helpful:

  1. Repair Shops in Toronto
  2. Repair Shops in Scarborough
  3. Restart Wiki – a site of shared experience and skills in mending appliances and gadgets.
  4. Repair Café Information in Translation
  5. How to Start a Repair Café – includes Outreach Tips, a Basic Supplies List, Steps to Starting a Repair Café (2014 Workshop Powerpoint), Detailed Steps & Questions to Consider when starting a Repair Café and a Volunteer Descriptions Pamphlet.
  6. A PowerPoint Presentation on Troubleshooting Workshop
  7. Toronto Public Library – Electronics Repair Manuals – 275,000+ from 1925 to today for TVs, VCRs, Radios, etc.
  8. ElektroTanya – Repair Forums
  9. Use Waste Wizard to find out what waste items go where in Toronto, and other City offerings to reduce waste.
  10. You could be using super glue all wrong: