Our Logo

In 2018-19 we worked with The Public Studio to re-brand Repair Café Toronto (RCT). We’ve aimed to:

  • Enhance the visibility of RCT to reach a broader audience, with a particular focus on youth. We want to bring the culture of repair to children and youth so that they carry these skills into the future.
  • Communicate that RCT provides accessible, fun, inclusive and dynamic spaces for sharing knowledge and learning new skills.
  • Establish RCT as an independent and autonomous group specific to Toronto while sharing the principles and values of repair cafés around the world.

We welcome you to our new logo. It’s colourful and vibrant, a patchwork of pieces that together make a dynamic whole. There are a number of different colour versions to reflect the variety and inclusiveness of our organization.

Our new look is spirited and flexible as is our organization and the volunteers who make it what it is – a creative partner and contributor to our wonderful city.

We hope you like it!