What kind of items do you fix?
I repair books.

When did you first start volunteering with Repair Café Toronto?
November 2014

What is your day job?
Professor of Computer Science at UofT.

What is your favourite location?
The Toronto Reference Library, because it is bright and spacious and it is easy to get to via TTC.

Do you have a favourite quote?
“You are not obligated to complete the task [of making the world a better place], but neither are you free to desist from it.”  (Pirke Avot 2:21).

Why did you start getting interested in repairing things?
I don’t like wasting things. Also, repairing things helps me understand how they work.

How did you learn your skills?
I learned how to do book repair at Repair Café, working as an assistant to Andy.

What does it mean to you to volunteer at Repair Café Toronto?
Working at Repair Café lets me to help make our city a better place to live.

What is the most memorable item you have fixed?
I particularly like repairing books that children bring in.

Why should people get involved with Repair Café Toronto?
It’s fun to work with other people and learn from them.

Where do you see Repair Café Toronto in five years?
Even better than before the pandemic. Repair Café will be well known throughout Toronto.