Jewels and Jewellery

Repair Café returned to Driftwood Community Centre on Saturday June 24 . This was our second time visiting the community centre. One of our favourite spots at this location is the friendship bench on the ground floor. To us, it is a jewel, as it reminds us of how people can be brought together by friendship and how we can build peace through love.

It was great to see the first group of visitors from the neighbourhood arriving early. Our team of volunteers were ready to fix everything from small appliances, clothes, bikes, books, and jewellery. They worked with the visitors and explained to them how to do the repairs.

In the photo below, our book repair fixer Andy is working with our volunteer Bev to repair her book while a visitor is watching to learn how it’s done.

Whenever there was an opportunity, the fixers also helped each other master their repair skills. In the photo below, you can see our jewellery fixer Bennette showing another fixer Serafina the meticulous attention to detail that is needed to make broken pieces of jewellery jewels once more!

Many of our visitors walk away with their items fixed. Even when they’re not fixed (a replacement part may be missing, the item is un-repairable, further work is needed on the item) they are thankful for the generous and kind help from the volunteers. Our fixers have big hearts!

If your missed the June café, our next one is at Ralph Thornton Centre on July 22. For details about the event as well as other repair events taking place around the city, please visit Upcoming Repair Cafes page.