New year begins, new records set!

On Saturday, January 21, the Repair Café team returned to the Toronto Reference Library for the first event of 2017.

We are excited to report that we had 58 volunteers this time, the largest number we have ever had for one event. It was great to see many new volunteers, and a steady stream of visitors rolling in throughout the four-hour event.

Volunteers brought their children to help out. Visitors brought their children with broken items for repair. The refreshment table was managed by a whole family. This is part of the magic of a repair café, the way it resonates with people of all ages. It creates a vibrant learning atmosphere that parents want their children to be a part of.

By the end of January’s café, our 36 fixers and 4 apprentices had brought back to life nearly 150 items!

In the photos below, our fixer, Jeff, helps a young visitor, Noam, fix his electronic helicopter while Noam’s mother gives a hand too.

Thank you Julie for the good photos. For more event photos, please visit our facebook page.

A big thanks to all our volunteers for their wonderful help, and to the Toronto Reference Library for their great support in hosting the café.

Our next café will be held at the Central Neighbourhood House on Feb 11. For details, please visit the Upcoming Events page.