Repair Café at March Break

Thanks to all the volunteers and visitors who joined the Repair Café on March 8! This time, we have our youngest visitor, Simon, telling us what he has learned on fixing his backgammon board! Watch the video above.

3D fixers_small
3D part in creation_small
Two of our volunteer fixers, Renae and Phil, who are specialized in 3D printing, teamed up to fix a motorized pencil sharpener. Here’s how Phil described it:
“This was a broken gear from a lady’s motorized pencil sharpener. It’s an unusual gear that would be difficult to find a replacement – so we measured out the dimensions, number of teeth, angles of the teeth, etc. It was NEARLY a success! I accidentally reversed one part of the gear, and the fit could be improved. But hopefully with one more print it will do the trick.”
If you would like to get help fixing a broken household item or learn how to do it yourself, don’t miss the next Repair Café on Saturday, April 12 at Toronto Tool Library. Everyone is welcome to participate for free! For more info, please visit the Upcoming Events page.