Repair Café on the Danforth

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The Repair Café had another terrific event with lots of fun fixing things and meeting new people on April 12. This month, we joined the Toronto Tool Library on the Danforth and participated in the Danforth East Community Association’s Dreams event. We enjoyed very much the hospitality of our east-end friends and are full of thanks to Mr. Haig Baronikian for giving us the space to hold the event! A big thanks to all the volunteers for their super enthusiasm and generous support.

With the help of our fixers, many broken items such as lamp, radio, clock, blender, dehumidifier, bag, were diagnosed. Some were fixed while others required special parts or were not repairable. Regardless of the results, their owners were happy, as the fixers had taken the time to look at their items and made their best efforts to help them.

The next Repair Café is our first anniversary! We hope you can join us at Skills for Change on May 10. For more details, please visit the Upcoming Events page.