Story of Two Knapsacks

One of the common types of broken items we fix at the Repair Café is zippers. Zipper problems can come in various forms on jackets, pants, or bags, among others. At the Repair Café at Flemingdon Park Library on Jun 16, our volunteer, Lon, brought in his beloved knapsack as its zipper was broken. After getting some help from our clothing fixer, Khadije, Lon’s knapsack has its life extended! You can see how Khadije fix the knapsack in the video below.

[vimeo 278946891 w=840]

In the video below, Lon talks about how he feels after having his knapsack fixed: “When you fix something that you really love, that means you will never have to lose it.”
[vimeo 280029006 w=840]

Below are some photos showing other repairs at the café.

Finally, we would like to thank Cobs for providing the delicious bakery goods!

Our next Café will be held at Ralph Thornton Community Centre and Queen/Saulter Library on Saturday July 21. For details, please visit the Upcoming Events page.

Hope to see you there!


Videos by Lon Appleby

Photographs by Julie Trinh, Ivy Cheung and Lon Appleby