Another Record at Repair Café!

1 good_IMG_3314 good_IMG_3318The Repair Café visited the Don Mills branch of the Toronto Public Library on October 17. It was another successful café with a great atmosphere. We received 129 items in total, everything from computers, electronic devices and small appliances to jewellery, clothes and books. This is the highest number of items we have received in all of the 28 cafés we have held since we launched two years ago! Thanks to the great work of all of our volunteers! Almost 80% of these items were diverted from landfill.

At Repair Café, the visitors not only receive help from the fixers to repair their items, they also receive advice on how to do the repair themselves. Here is an example showing how Bennett, our experienced jewellery fixer, helped one visitor solve her pin problem. Click here for the video.

When visitors have their items fixed, they are invited to take a photo at Heather Ramsay’s booth.2a good_IMG_33702b good_IMG_33632c good_IMG_3361 2d_Heather_small

The photo above was taken by Heather. For more of her photos taken of visitors with their fixed items, please visit our Facebook page.

This time we had the assistance of six teen library volunteers who helped with greeting visitors, offering refreshments and measuring the weight of the items that was diverted from landfill.

3a_Heather_teen volunteer pic13b_Heather_teen volunteer pic 2good_IMG_3373

Photographs by Lon Appleby and Heather Ramsay

We would like to thank all the fixers and volunteers for your wonderful support. A big thank you to Don Mills branch for the generous donations of space and refreshments.

Don’t miss our next and final café this year! We will be back at Skills for Change on Nov 21. For details, please visit the Upcoming Events page. Hope to see you there!