Come Join the Repair Café on Sept 14!

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This time, we are doing it outdoors! If you have anything broken at home that needs fixing, bring it to our fixers next Saturday September 14. They will help you fix it for free. And on top of that, they will show you how you can repair it yourself if it is broken again in the future. We hope to see you there. For details about the Café, please go to the Upcoming Events page.

You can see a photo slideshow of our August 10 Café by clicking here.

The image above is an art piece “Repair Café” created by Anne Winter, an award-winning artist from Toronto. She was inspired by the repair movement that began in Amsterdam and has been spreading across the cities in Europe and the Americas, including Toronto!

To take a closer look at the “nuts and bolts”, go to Winter’s website to learn more about her works (