Going The Distance!

On Saturday, August 26, our Repair Café team visited the newly renovated Albion Toronto Library. In this full monthly café, our fixers and volunteers did some amazing work again. The fixer team received and repaired a variety of items, including laptop computers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaner, jeans, watch, books, stuffed animal, among others. Most of the items brought in were fixed. It was great, as always, to see our visitors leaving satisfied.

Photograph by Julie Trinh

To understand what motivates our fixers in their dedicated repair work, we were able to speak to one of our computer fixers, Alvin, who spent a long time working on one laptop computer. In the video below, he talks about how he diagnosed the problems and why he was determined to get them fixed.

[vimeo 233936794 w=840]

Video by Lon Appleby

We used our brand new trailer for the first time to deliver the tools and supplies and it worked well! You can see in the first photo below, Dan, who is one of our committee members and fixers, in the driver seat arriving in the morning. The second photo below was taken after the café when all the cleanup was done and the trailer was packed up and ready to leave.

In the first photo below, our experienced fixer, Louis, is working on a stuffed animal with a family. In the second photo below are Sungyeap (left), who fixes computers, and Sera, who fixes clothing items. We later found out Sera was spending her birthday with us! To see more photos of the event, please visit our Facebook page!

Our next full Repair Café will be held at Planet In Focus Film Festival on Oct 21. We are excited about joining this environmental film festival for the first time. You can find out the event details here.

To look up the schedule of our upcoming cafés, please visit the Upcoming Cafés page.

To learn more about how to join the Repair Café volunteer team, please visit the Volunteer page.

Hope to see you at the next Repair Café!