The Bell Rings at Repair Café

Video by Lon Appleby

On Saturday, July 18, the Repair Café was back at Skills for Change for our monthly event. We opened at 10 a.m and were happy to see returning visitors as well as many new ones. We had a great turnout of volunteers again. Our fixers tackled all kinds of items: small appliances, computers, jewellery, clothes, bikes, book and paper repairs, and more. Three rooms were busy as always and you could feel the positive energy of the fixers and visitors working together, spending as long as it took on each item to ensure it was repaired or at the very least effectively diagnosed. 

This month, we had a little something else as well. From time to time, you could hear a bell ring, which signaled that a successful repair had just been made. Two of our fixers, Tom and Tim, suggested the idea and brought their bells in to celebrate with everyone each new repair, however big or small, and the collaboration that occurs in the process.

Watch this video above in which Tom introduces the tools he brought to Repair Café this month. You’ll also have a chance to hear the sound of his special bell. For the event photos, please visit our Facebook page.

We would like to thank all the fixers and event volunteers sincerely for your help. And a big thank-you to the generosity of our long-time sponsors, Skills for Change and Frank’s Pizza House.


Looking ahead….

The Repair Café joins the Regent Park festival on Sunday August 9. We will have a table set up from 12 to 3 pm with sewing repairs available. Thanks to the support of our wonderful sewing fixers, Sue and Christine.

For our August’s monthly café and the other events, please visit the Upcoming Events page for details.

If you are interested in sponsoring or volunteering with the Repair Cafe, we would love to hear from you. We can be reached at