We carried on with our community service and education work at Repair Café Toronto (RCT) in the past year. During this second year of the pandemic, we continued to keep in-person repair cafés on hold, as we have been following public health measures, and Covid safety for our volunteers remains […]

Repair Café’s Three Reasons for New Year Optimism

The pandemic in 2020 challenged us all. We had a very different year at Repair Café Toronto (RCT). Previously, we organized large and small events during which people came together to fix broken items. In 2020, we were confronted with the global pandemic Covid-19 that led to a city-wide lockdown […]

Our Work Never Stops

During this period of COVID-19 pandemic, like many organizations and businesses, we have hit the pause button in offering repair cafes. However, our fixers continue to fix things at home and lend their skills and helping hands to our community when needed. Amazing Donations from our own sewing fixers In […]

Repair Café Makes Face Masks for the Community