Repair Café maintained our steady growth in 2017. The grassroots change we initiated not only resonated with many individuals, but is now being recognized by governments. Run completely by volunteers, Repair Café set out four and a half years ago to change the throwaway culture of our society through empowering people to learn how to repair […]

Repair Café Leads The Change!

On Saturday, October 21, Repair Café joined the 18th annual Planet in Focus Film Festival, which was held at Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto. The festival features films about the environment and human society. This year, the topics explored were consumption, waste, and sustainability. We were invited to join the festival because one of […]

Repair Café and Planet Earth

On Saturday, August 26, our Repair Café team visited the newly renovated Albion Toronto Library. In this full monthly café, our fixers and volunteers did some amazing work again. The fixer team received and repaired a variety of items, including laptop computers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaner, jeans, watch, books, stuffed animal, among others. […]

Going The Distance!