Repair Café Returns!

And once again, we got it all:

Computers… lamps… steamer… coffee maker… hand-knitted shawl…necklace…you name it…

42 items brought in… all fixed… and a lot of learning…

“Love this idea! Save stuff from the landfill (making steps towards transforming this society away from the throw-away society it’s become), save money and keep the stuff you love!! Oh, and learn to do it yourself next time!! I may even volunteer some time! I went to this for the first time yesterday (July 6). Everyone was so friendly and helpful!”  –  Linda

“I am very grateful… Even more valuable than getting the item fixed was the knowledge of how to fix it. Thank you so much, Aaron, and all of the volunteers at Repair Cafe!”  – Josephine Khu

“Thank you, Wai Chu, for co-ordinating the event and thank you, Nicole, for your expertise in fixing the necklace. I am impressed. I am sure my friend is very pleased to see her piece fixed beautifully.”  –  Diana Li

How do we do it? Our fixers! We had 15 of them. Here’s a look at how one does it:

[wppa type=”slideonly” album=”8″ size=”570″ align=”left”][/wppa]

“The piece was brought in with the bottom broken, and some of the weave was displaced because of missing beads. I had to figure out which stitches were used to create the piece, and then how to recreate that pattern. The biggest challenge was that those beads have tiny holes, meaning I had to use the smallest needle I own, and even then it was tight. The danger with that is that if it’s too tight, beads can break as you try to pull the needle through. It all worked out without a problem, and I learned a bit about a combination of stitches I hadn’t seen before. A fun, challenging repair!” – Nicole Meyer-Fisher (volunteer fixer)

Many thanks to the wonderful support of all the volunteers. And we are very thankful for the continued support of our sponsors Skills for Change and Noir Coffee and Tea.

Our next Café is on Saturday, August 10 at the same location Skills for Change.

If you want to join us as a volunteer or give any kind of support, please email us at

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Hope to see you at our next Repair Café!