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Repair Café Toronto has put together the following resources. We hope you will find them helpful:

  1. Repair Shops in Toronto
  2. Restart Wiki – a site of shared experience and skills in mending appliances and gadgets.
  3. Repair Café Information in Translation
  4. How to Start a Repair Café – includes Outreach Tips, a Basic Supplies List, Steps to Starting a Repair Café (2014 Workshop Powerpoint), Detailed Steps & Questions to Consider when starting a Repair Café and a Volunteer Descriptions Pamphlet.
  5. A PowerPoint Presentation on Troubleshooting Workshop
  6. Toronto Public Library – Electronics Repair Manuals – 275,000+ from 1925 to today for TVs, VCRs, Radios, etc.
  7. ElektroTanya – Repair Forums
  8. Use Waste Wizard to find out what waste items go where in Toronto, and other City offerings to reduce waste.
  9. Visible Mending – by Jannette Porter, Handout for November 2021 Workshop at Double Take Thrift Store

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