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Have a household item that’s broken? Don’t throw it out! Bring it to the Repair Café where you can get help fixing it and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

What is a Repair Café?

Repair Café is an event where neighbours help neighbours fix broken household items – computers and household electronics, small appliances and furniture, clothing and jewellery, book and paper repair, bicycles and more. If you can carry it to the Repair Café we will try to fix it. It’s free for everyone and all are welcome!

What is Repair Café Toronto?

We are a non-profit volunteer group that organizes community fix-it activities at various locations across Toronto.

We’re always looking for fixers!

Do you enjoy the challenge and fun of fixing household items? Do you like to share your skills and knowledge? Interested in volunteering? Hobbyists and professionals – all are needed and welcome! To join our team of fixers, go to:

Where is the next Repair Café?

Check the calendar and map on our website:

For more information:

Visit or send a note to

For translation or interpretation support, please bring a friend.


Toss it? No way! Bring it to the Repair Café!